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I’m Cultivating Immortality While Everyone Else Practices Martial Arts
Author:Big Yeeeaaar
    Li Wensheng transmigrated to an era where all energies were returning and every citizen practiced martial arts. Here, champions focus on martial arts mastery, becoming physically peerless as they honed their spirit. They would also seek superior weapons, including unbreakable war axes, or keen blades that could cut a giant tree with a single swing. Even so, Li Wensheng learned Immortal Arts from the very start! Though his scrawny form was exceedingly inconspicuous at first, he wielded Immortal Arts to smash long blades with his bare hands and crush giant hammers! Li Wensheng was flying everywhere on his sword while others were busy trying to surpass the limits of human speed. He could kill with a leaf or flower he plucked while others requested blacksmiths to hone their weapons. He cooked medicinal pellets with his cauldron, brewing Yuan Pellets that ascend cultivation while others trained their bodies to strengthen themselves. Martial arts champions: “Why aren’t you using any weapons?” Li Wens