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Chapter 420: Chapter 420

A grade change…

Gluttony changed from “Prey” to “Predator.” It wasn’t just its grade that changed, though, as its external appearance also changed at the same time.

After it evolved to a “Predator,” Gluttony now appeared to have a somewhat rotund-looking torso and short, small legs, wide shoulders, and a round face. It now looked like a male humanoid with lots of meat on his bones and tall stature of around two meters.

“Is this the personification of gluttony, then?”

The desire of Gluttony the Predator involved “insatiable appetite.” That desire was basically the entirety of Gluttony the monster. Despite becoming a full-fledged Predator, its appetite hadn’t disappeared at all. Rather, it even seemed to have grown stronger.

Indeed, this version of Gluttony that now stood before Su-hyeun’s eyes was the embodiment of that very desire.

Gluttony’s lips slowly parted, “I…want to…say…something…”

A monster that didn’t think about anything else besides fulfilling its appetite until now finally became able to speak. Its evolution into Predator probably gave it the ability to think rationally.

“The amount of Death Aura required to summon him has increased accordingly, but…” his thoughts trailed off.

But, it didn’t really matter.

“The total reserve of my Death Aura has increased a lot more than that, anyway.”

The moment Su-hyeun’s Death Aura stat reached the triple-digit mark, its total reserve shot up by several folds.

Gluttony did consume a ton of his Death Aura during its evolution, but rather than feel unhappy about it, Su-hyeun thought that this was an event that must be celebrated.

Besides, this event allowed Su-hyeun to figure out the reason why Gluttony couldn’t evolve into a Predator until now. “It was simply that you couldn’t digest everything you ate, wasn’t it?”

Gluttony slowly nodded at Su-hyeun’s muttering.

It used to be a “Prey,” and its entire existence was based on its insatiable appetite. It devoured the living and used them as nutrients to become even stronger and nothing more.

Gluttony accompanied Su-hyeun on various adventures and got to devour a few Predators, but even then, it was unable to absorb almost all of its victims’ powers and energy.

Su-hyeun had been thinking that this was because Gluttony wasn’t a true Prey but a summoned creature bound to him.

But that turned out to be wrong.

“So my lack of strength was to blame all along,” he concluded.

After all, Predators were existences diametrically opposed to the gods.

The thing was, Su-hyeun’s own Death Aura stat simply wasn’t high enough to command such creatures. More correctly, he wasn’t in possession of the godhood related to that purpose, the godhood of death.

“If I flip that around, then…”

Su-hyeun recalled all of his summons that had become even stronger after he acquired the godhood of death and stared at Gluttony, a summon that

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