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Chapter 1645: The First Round

After Lin Huang ended the call with Spy, Steel Fist and Epic Player looked at him.

“Was that Spy from the Raiders that you were talking to?” Steel Fist asked immediately.

“It was.” Lin Huang nodded.

“Based on the information you provided, that fellow is indeed a bigger threat. Since he was able to find out your contact number and verify your real identity, it proves that he might be able to find out our real identities too. He might even be able to locate our coordinates through our communicators.” Epic Player frowned slightly.

“If he’s a middle-rank Lord, it’ll be hard for us to kill him.” As a close combat powerhouse, Steel Fist particularly disliked encountering this kind of opponent, who possessed showy abilities.

“Let me handle Spy,” Lin Huang’s tone was calm as if he were talking about something insignificant.

Although Epic Player and Steel Fist still had some doubts about Lin Huang being able to kill a middle-rank Lord, they could tell from the conversation between him and Spy earlier that both had an irreconcilable grudge. They did not delve further into the subject.

“Since he’s already discovered your contact number and your real identity, it shouldn’t be hard for him to locate your coordinates,” Epic Player added. “I reckon it won’t take him long to get here.”

“I wonder how many people they’ll send this time.” Steel Fist looked serious; she could not relax at all.

“If they don’t know that both of you are here, they probably won’t send too many people. I anticipate that there’ll only be three or four people at most,” Lin Huang put forward his speculations, “But if the news that I requested your help has been leaked, they’ll definitely send quite a few people—maybe even all the members they have. They certainly won’t let a perfect opportunity to kill three Club members slip by!”

What Lin Huang said made Epic Player and Steel Fist look even grimmer.

All this while, they had never considered the possibility that there might be a mole in the Club.

After all, apart from Lin Huang, who was a new member, everyone had known each other for years.

However, they did not refute what he had said either. They were also not entirely sure whether or not there were any moles in the Club.

“We’ll see when the time comes, but hopefully the situation won’t be so dire.” Epic Player sighed lightly.

Lin Huang poured the two of them more tea and began leading the conversation in a lighter direction.

In no time at all, it was already early next morning.

The stars had just risen on the Pfister Star’s horizon when Lin Huang sensed powerful auras approaching the Devil Hunter Star Zone.

Epic Player and Steel Fist lifted their heads and looked in the same direction almost simultaneously. Their expressions were both extremely grave.

There were nine powerful auras!

Lin Huang had been right after all. If the Raiders had wanted to capture only Lin Huang, eve

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