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ahlaamy > The Mightiest Little Peasant > Chapter 1006 - : Get Into the Pot
Chapter 1006: Get Into the Pot

“Ahh!” A bloodcurdling scream.

In the forest, a cultivator was chased by a blood lion, and his head was bitten off.

Seeing that, the other cultivators running in front of them turned pale with fright and ran even faster.

“What’s going on? What is this place?”

They were in despair.

Blood lions were everywhere!

They had really fallen into primordial scion territory!

There were about twenty of them, but they were killed one after another.

They tried their best to escape, but the blood lions caught up to them anyway.

“Haha! These two-legged pests are too weak. They’re all trash!”

The blood lion stepped on the pile of corpses with a disdainful expression.

In his eyes, humans were nothing more than trash. They were no match for his noble blood lion clan.

He licked his claws, shook his mane, and walked forward valiantly.

He was looking for the opponents from his clan so that he could defeat them one by one. Only then would he be able to win and become the new alpha of his blood lion clan.

As he walked, he also looked around to see if there were any humans.

He did not see any after a while.

“They’re probably all dead!” He muttered.

He was in Blood Lion Ridge, the territory of the blood lion clan. It was usually a forbidden area for humans. Those cultivators were probably blown over by a hurricane on the sea.

It was not the first time it had happened.

“Heh! Those pests are really unlucky!”

He sneered and began to pity those humans.

After walking for a while, he suddenly smelled something in the air.

“Hmm? What’s this? It’s so fragrant.”

He sniffed and walked toward the direction of the fragrance.

As he got closer, he heard a human voice coming from afar.

“Mmm! I love meat!

“Burp! I’m getting full…”

He was startled. The voice did not come from a blood lion but a human!

“Hah, there’s another one! Why is he roasting meat? Doesn’t he know that he’s in danger?” He sneered and rushed over.

“Prepare to die, lowly pest! Your grandpa is here!”

He roared and pounced over with a fierce pose.

Tang Hao lifted his head and was surprised.

The lion looked at him and was also surprised.

The man and the lion stared at each other for a long time.

Then, the lion’s gaze turned to the small mound at the side.

He was stunned again.

A moment later, he laughed and muttered, “Hmm? I must be hallucinating! That fight earlier was really tiring!”

As he spoke, he rubbed his eyes and looked again.

When he saw that, he was immediately scared silly.

One, two, three… six blood lions were piled in a mound. A few of them were about as strong as he was.

When he looked at the pots and pans next to the person, he was extremely shocked.

Not only had his compatriots been slaughtered, but they had also been eaten!

No one had dared to eat primordial scions for a very long time!

That was a hei

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