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ahlaamy > The Most Loving Marriage In History: Master Mu’s Pampered Wife > Chapter 2095 - Full Moon Banquet (1)
Chapter 2095: Full Moon Banquet (1)

Under Qi Lei’s meticulous care, Dongfang Liuyun recovered very quickly.

However, she still needed to stay in the hospital for more than 20 days before she could be discharged.

A few days after she was discharged, it was the children’s full moon banquet, Qi Lei planned to have a small affair at home.

Although it was said to be a small affair, everyone knew the kind of status Qi Lei and Dongfang Liuyun had. The Qi family and Dongfang family held a very high position in the entire City Z, especially in the upper-class society, so there were quite a number of people visiting at this time.

They could not let these things disturb Dongfang Liuyun and the children’s rest.

After some consideration, Qi Lei booked the entire luxurious hotel near the Grand Lake Villa area to hold this full moon banquet.

Mu Yuchen, Xi Xiaye, and her husband rushed over with the children and their entire family. Su Chen and Ji Zitong also brought their daughter over, while Zhou Zimo and Qin Su came very early.

Leng Xinran did not plan to come, but because of Lan Xiu’s insistence, she had no choice but to go along with him.

In any case, the fiancés often went to various occasions like this, so she was used to it.

Leng Xinran drank a few glasses of wine and then went to the bathroom. Unexpectedly, when she washed her hands, she ran into Qin Su who was puking in front of the sink.

There was no smell of alcohol on her body. Zhou Zimo had also warned her not to eat the food on the table just now. Leng Xinran did not need to think to know that Qin Su had good news.

“How do you feel now? Rinse your mouth.”

Leng Xinran passed a glass of warm water and said with concern.

Qin Su spat out another mouthful, before she calmed herself down, then took the water and rinsed her mouth a few times. She felt a little limp. “I really didn’t know that it would be so tough being pregnant. It feels more tiring than fighting,” Qin Su said weakly.

“How many months has it been? I didn’t hear you mention it before.”

Leng Xinran’s face was filled with a faint gentleness as she asked.

“More than two months. I didn’t notice it before. You know that my period is uncertain too, especially when I’m tired, that’s why I didn’t remember it. Only in these past few days, I went for a check-up when there was a reaction. It was true that I was indeed pregnant. Zhou Zimo, that bastard, he said that he would wait for next year.”

“It’s not too far away from next year now. I can tell that he treats you quite well. Moreover, this will happen sooner or later. Your child won’t be like you and me, don’t need to worry too much.”

Leng Xinran naturally knew Qin Su’s thoughts. She was also a little afraid of children because of the trauma from her childhood. Naturally, she did not wish for such a thing to happen to her child.

“Moreover, you have been married for almost a year.”


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