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Chapter 320: To Boost The Morale

Among them, there were a few warriors with lower cultivations. When they saw Clayton charging at them, they felt their legs go limp, and they fell to the ground.

Clayton couldn’t care less. When he rushed in front of those warriors, he raised his sword and slashed down, killing four to five warriors at once.

As Clayton continued to attack, the entire martial arts field, in a split second, was filled with screams like pigs being slaughtered.

After a few moments, Clayton’s expression was cold as he stared at the corpses of the warriors. The corners of his mouth revealed a chilling smile.

But soon, his expression darkened. When he walked to Andrew, he said with a heavy expression, “I see that their strength isn’t very high. Why didn’t we let them live? Why kill them all?”

Although Clayton had killed people in the past, this was the first time he had killed so many warriors in one go.

No matter what, he was a warrior himself. He knew how hard it was to cultivate. Moreover, it was already very difficult to cultivate to a certain level.

Andrew smiled faintly and replied, “Do you think they will be grateful if you let them live? As long as these outlaws can obtain the benefits they want, they will do anything. If you don’t kill them, I can guarantee that they will come to the Martial Arts Bureau again in the future, causing more trouble.”

After hearing Andrew’s cold voice, Clayton was stunned. He quickly nodded.

In fact, the reason why Andrew said that was because of him. In the beginning, he originally wanted to keep these warriors alive, but after seeing their performance, Andrew changed his mind.

After all, he had already found a space tunnel in the Eric Mountain Range. If someone escaped, they wouldn’t be able to deal with it with their current state.

As for keeping these scum, it would be better to turn their power into strengthening points to attack some people with higher cultivation.

He stared at the corpses with a cold expression. He then said to Clayton, “Get someone to clean up these corpses. Also, bring back all the things that they carry with them.”

Clayton had no other choice. After all, Andrew had already spoken. If he dared to say no, his fate was very likely to be the same as these warriors.

After Andrew arranged these things, he released his cultivation. With a stride, he flew towards the Crimson Flame Stone mine.

Seeing that Andrew had already left, Clayton slowly let out a sigh of relief. He waved his hand at his subordinates in the Martial Arts Bureau. The martial artists in the Martial Arts Bureau understood what Clayton meant. They walked out with quick steps.

Clayton repeated what Andrew had just said to them.

When the warriors heard this, they could not help but show a trace of joy on their faces and nodded repeatedly.

On the other side, after Andrew left the Martial Arts Bureau, he went to th

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