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Chapter 570: Chapter 570


Yoo Chun Young didn’t keep in touch when we wanted him badly to talk about the first episode. Well, he wasn’t refusing to chat with us, so his phone call might indicate that he finally had his free time now.

However, I couldn’t answer his call in this situation. After glancing at Yeo Dan oppa, I pressed the end button without a second thought. The moment I detached my thumb from the button, the part of my skin that touched the phone screen felt unusually cold.

Lifting my head, I uttered, “Sorry, oppa, please, I want to hear further.”

However, Yeo Dan oppa just blankly stared at my phone that I just turned off.

I asked back, “What’s wrong?”

“Who was it?” He responded to me at the same time.

I was frozen for a second but soon opened my mouth again, wondering why this situation felt the same as digging a tunnel on my own.

“It’s Yoo Chun Young,” I replied.

“You’ve been waiting for his call.”

“I can call him later or maybe see him at school. Anyway…” I carefully pulled his arm, adding, “Let’s return to our conversation.”

That moment, Yeo Dan oppa grabbed my hand. It wasn’t to pull me toward him to get closer as he usually did to me, but a cautious, refusing gesture. Having noticed his intention, I raised my head and looked him in the eyes.

“Donnie, the reason why I said I couldn’t understand myself is that…”


“If I tell you something… I know that you’ll listen and follow me.”


“… No matter how absurd things I ask you for or even if I confess to you my most incomprehensible emotions.”

I dropped my gaze at the floor for a moment.

His most incomprehensible emotions reminded me of the moment when Yeo Dan oppa expressed his feelings about Yoo Chun Young earlier. Did I try to accept all his words just as he said to me no matter how ridiculous they were?

Honestly, he was correct. Before we started this relationship, Yeo Dan oppa borrowed Yeo Ryung’s preference for things and used it as a measure of shaping his world. And so did I; he also influenced me at some point.

I was assured that everything he did was right. If I were rugged, uneven pottery, Yeo Dan oppa was born to be a masterpiece.

He was also a kind of savior to me since it was him who gave me a helping hand when I was alone going through the most challenging times in my life. Therefore, it was inevitable to be so indebted to him. And that’s why I kept thinking that I wanted to give him everything he wanted.

Taking a deep breath, I asked, “Still, what’s the matter when it’s me who’s making the choice?”

No matter what’s inside his mind, Yeo Dan oppa shouldn’t feel too pressured to tell me about his indescribable feelings. As I said, it was my choice to accept his suggestion; it’s me who should be responsible for my decision. However, he looked uncomfortable.

“But if there are no options to choose from, do you think you can make the right choice?” Yeo Dan oppa qu

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