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A sword radiance spread out. It was thin and curved at the outset but quickly erupted into a torrential wave!

This sword traversed heaven, earth, and time itself.

It seemed as though the countless predecessors of the human race had joined the attack as it tore an opening through the firmament.

For whom did the tear in the sky open?

The brilliance lasted but a moment. All splendor and majesty would wither one day, only remaining in the memories of those who had witnessed the scene.

The light slowly receded.

The Pointer Monarch stood completely still with his sword pointing toward the sky.

A laceration had appeared in the firmament, a gash perpendicular to the River of Blood.

This sword had actually rent the blue dome of the heavens!

That ancient book had appeared in the Demon King’s hands at one point, its pages filling the air as they protected the supreme from the attack.

The Demon King didn’t move at all. It was only much later that he let out a sigh, upon which the pages broke down into ashes and disappeared.

A corner of the Pointer Monarch’s robes suddenly broke down into countless specks of sand. The granules scattered into motes of light that hovered in the air.

More and more luminescent blobs appeared, lighting up the area.

Everyone felt as though they had heard a sigh as the light receded. No one knew where it had come from, but its trailing sound rose into the depths of the sky and clouds. It was likely the Pointer Monarch’s sigh, but no one knew what it was for.

The heavenly monarch had become an eternal part of this land.

The Eternal Flame appeared at this point and glanced at the book in the Demon King’s hand. Only the front and back covers remained of this once-thick tome; everything else had been used up.

The Demon King gazed at the spot where the Pointer Monarch had vanished.

“Your Majesty…”

“Oh, you’re here.”

“Are you alright?”

The Demon King laughed wryly. “There’s no way I’d be alright. Ji Wentian had accumulated that single strike for thirty years. If I hadn’t blocked it with this copy of the Book of Darkness, I would have lost half my life right there.”

The Eternal Flame was shocked. “It’s that serious?”

“It’s already a wonder that I’m able to stand.” The Demon King glanced at the Eternal Flame. His aura fell progressively, but his eyes were still sparkling bright, capable of seeing right through the Eternal Flame’s protective blaze. He saw that raging ambition burning deep inside the man.

The Demon King revealed a jaded smile. “Klaus, you’re actually older than me. Do you know why you were never able to take that final step?”

The Eternal Flame was surprised. He hadn’t expected the Demon King to actually address him by his actual name. He hadn’t used this name in a long time, and everything related to the name were memories from his youth.

The Demon King’s question was actually easy to answer. “Bloodline.”

A person’s blood

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