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ahlaamy > Immortal Path to Heaven > Chapter 1009 - The Sound of the Twilight Drum
Chapter 1009: The Sound of the Twilight Drum

On the Seven Stars Altar, cold winds were howling.

The spiritual power in Ou Yangming’s body was surging non-stop, and his Qi was as smooth as one. The spear-light pierced through the air. It seemed ethereal but there was a hidden sharpness to it as it stabbed toward the black head! After he understood the meaning of the spear, the spear techniques that he used had a faint trace of the path conception. He could often cause thunder in silent places, and it had unexpected effects.

“Boom…” The spear-light emitted a seven-colored glow that changed continuously. Layer after layer, circle after circle, it was as if the glow was changing rapidly according to the colors of red, orange, yellow, and green. The multicolored glow was boundless, and it was beautiful.

Wherever it passed, it left behind a white crack that was about 3 meters wide. At the same time the spiritual Qi exploded, air currents reversed and wherever they passed, life was cut off.

The black head only managed to block the spear-light for 3 breaths before it collapsed. Once again, it turned into countless red threads that drifted in the air.

When Ou Yangming saw this, the malevolence on his face grew stronger. He looked around.

He looked around, and a look of confusion appeared in his eyes. What… Was wrong? He had sensed that something was wrong with his state at the moment. After entering the states of the thoroughly meticulous and the connection between Heaven and man, his mind should be calm at all times.

Who knew, his spiritual world was actually occupied by ruthlessness and indifference. In the past, this would have been impossible.

This was because entering those states were equivalent to becoming one with the world. Any subtle change would not be able to escape from his senses.

Of course, if it were not for the timely warning of the Heavenly Phoenix Fire, Ou Yangming would not have noticed this. He would have sunk deeper into it and been drowned inside. Therefore, when he noticed his strange state, he continued to question himself.

All of a sudden, a bright light flashed in his mind. He subconsciously looked at the black stone tablet under the altar. His eyes revealed a dazed look. He was muddle-headed and had lost his spirit just like a puppet that had been manipulated.

Nonetheless, Ou Yangming’s heart was clear.

“As expected! As expected, it’s because of this stone tablet!” He muttered to himself.

It turned out that when his fingers swept past the black stone tablet, he had fallen into an illusion. Whether it was the names on the stone tablet or the small hole that was buried deep in the yellow sand, they were all part of the illusion. It was to stop him from beating the Twilight Drum.

Ou Yangming did not hesitate at all. He immersed himself in the illusion and thought, ‘Illusory is real, but realness isn’t illusory. Whether it’s real or an illusion

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